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This is about the age I was when I started asking my mother if I could "take some pictures". Usually she would say yes but would tell me I could only take two, and so I would search my world over for the two most perfect things I could possibly find to preserve forever in a photograph. Maybe the quest for those perfect shots is what fueled my desire to study photography in college (Go, Jax State Gamecocks!!!), or maybe it was just born into me. Whatever the case, I have never gotten over the need to find and capture the perfect shot! From the fence post in the backyard to a grand wedding in an amazing cathedral to my new favorite subject -- my one-year-old son -- I just can't get over it, and I never feel like I've taken too many pictures -- or even enough. That's why it's so great that I'm now able to do this as my job, to capture those shots for others...for you...just as I would for myself. And I get to meet some wonderful people in the process! So look around all you like, and, hopefully, you'll decide to give me the chance to meet you...and capture your perfect shots as well.

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